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I do not believe in such a thing as a ‘life plan’. 

We’re meant to change and transform by events life throws at us. I do believe in desires, wishes, dreams and following your own path. If you listen closely to your inner whispers, saying ‘nope not this’ or ‘hell yes go this way’ you learn to trust yourself and start making your own choices. Priorities are supposed to shift and evolve. It’s totally fine to think one way at some point in life and think completely differently the next. It’s not required to hold on to the versions of yourself you’ve outgrown, just to keep others happy.


I figured out that she don’t want to stick to the same routine, same job, or walk the same streets I walked a million times before. I want to explore life beyond my wildest dreams, big, bold and healthy. “The Full Human Experience”: pure, raw, deeply emotional till loudly laughing and everything in-between. And I want others to have that too.

For me it’s all about connecting and bringing people together! Creating an expanded room for others and being my most authentic self. Working from passion and sharing my experiences and the knowledges to uplift others.


For me traveling is about exploring and absorbing all the inspiration .It gives  me the opportunity to forever be both, the student and the teacher, this is why I started traveling .I still remember how far away that felt the first time I said it out loud. I started working with a coach in 2013,it felt uncomfortable and I was ashamed to say it. Actually ,I was even more afraid to try. I was not ready to accept that growth pain and healing is part of creating your best life. From that moment on I attended many retreats, I was hooked on following courses and found great mentors along my journey.


If everything is allowed to be there, if you accept yourself completely and you can be completely yourself, everything changes.


You have to change the context in your mind about yourself and create a new identity, but most of all you have to train your brain to want the biggest, scariest desires, to respond to the opportunities, risks and chances that terrify you.


The more we tiptoe around the corners in life, enter rooms apologetically, avoid all what feels too big and scary, the more we stick to the crumbs and the smaller life gets.

You’ve got to aim for the big one! The invitations that make every cell in your body sing with energy, fear and  excitement. It’s that simple and that difficult.


I want to normalize working towards that and talking about it. Have the space for people who are reaching out or are around me. Showing up and organizing travels to unique places. When we disconnect from our daily life and travel, our hearts are more open to different perspectives and pleasures.
Traveling is not necessarily a destination but a mindset.

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